The first in Europe to ImballCenter I’eccellenza in flexography.
The Packing CENTER, having first reached an important milestone in Italy for quality printing, the new factory in Lucca with Diecimo FLEXO plants, able to run that ensure quality standards, up to 60 lines per cm 2 and above, wins first prize last CYREL DUPONTAWARD 2010 in Barcelona, ​​in the category “Plastic Carrier Bag on Film.”The victory for I’eccellenza flexographic and a very important goal, recognizing that the participation of over 700 persons examined by the Board of Cyrel, Packing CENTER enables to position the Olympus of the printers in Europe. Result coveted demonstrated by its participation in the elite company of the most famous in this target market. Goal accomplished, not only for collaboration with key partners in the field of technologies and services, but also to the conscious managerial development of your team, who lives this award with great enthusiasm and determination to want to remain among the first. From questone follows that the gap queens Ie printing, offset and gravure and filled. II plan Mkt result of years of research and collaboration with the most important companies in the industry, this company has made a reference in terms of consistently high quality.
Already the first experiments were exciting. The plants have responded very well and the average quality of the run goes beyond all expectations. The Packing CENTER, which was already marked for the first patented, over 25 years ago, the stock market for frozen TERMIKA (2007 deposited in the 15 th patent) and still more and more advanced Ie also to meet more high market needs, in terms of appeal of the packaging, with the production of films for food: fresh, frozen, controlled atmospheres, biscuits, coffee, mozzarella and 41 \ range. In the second plant Pescaglia LU, also with the quality system certificate, thermal envelopes are produced for medical and cosmetic eto with zipper slider, the food industry, and miscellaneous. Technological development and the results obtained, together with a process of self-control in the field of hygiene and quality, make CENTER Packing an ideal partner in terms of overall reliability.