Many different applications for food storage! Its long-lasting composition, along with its being a promotional product, quickly met all those customer requirements that nobody matched before. Washable and reusable, these bags suits costumer needs for different occasions, from sport to shopping, leisure activities and so on.

Kind of bags

  • Classic

    The first, the original: no hard bottom, customizable size and design. This thermal bag is perfect to transport small frozen or fresh food.

  • Hard Bottom

    Purposely designed to enhance the performance of Classic, this version is perfectly adapted for the transport of bigger objects. It has a folding frame and an automatic hard bottom.

  • Bottom Fold

    This bag is the evolution of the Hard Bottom: it has the same basic features, as well as same customizable options, but with a welded Y-shaped folding frame.

  • Bag Handles

    A wide variety of handles is available, varying in size and production techniques.

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