Termika has certainly enhanced the quality of all product sectors relating to the transportation of blood products, vaccines, serums, and insulin. In pharmacy delivery, this cooler bag is generally used for safe temperature-sensitive product transportation to help the things inside stay cool. The bag is nothing but a common cooler bag, specifically designed to store products different than food, and thus smaller.

Kind of bags

  • Criomed

    This cooler bag is used for cryothermal controlled transportation of medications.

  • Criomed Plus

    Created by combining Criomed and Promed, Criomed-Plus is a cooler bag provided with a diffuser which keeps products cool for a longer time.

  • Promed

    This flexible diffuser contains an eutectic liquid which keeps medications within safe temperatures for many hours.

  • Handle

    A wide variety of handles is available, varying in size and production techniques.

  • Customize it yourself!

    All our products are customizable in production techniques and wholly printable in HD quality.


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