With Termika you can rest assured that your products are kept within safe temperature, and that the bag will endure the test of time. Washable and reusable, these bags suit the customer’s needs for different occasions, from sport to shopping, leisure activities and so on. Thanks to its long-lasting composition, along with its being a promotional product, Termika quickly met all those customer requirements that nobody matched before. Having satisfied customer needs by providing them with a trustworthy and always up-to-date product, makes us realize that our service is effective, durable, and in line with market sensitivity. Providing customers with a service that is good both in terms of corporate identity and food quality, makes us sheer proud of the role we play in the cold chain, which is fundamental to human health and safety. Two are the advantages for those operators who make use of our products: technical the first, commercial the latter. The external cover is customizable up to 10 colors, to fully satisfy the commercial aspect of the product.

Let’s say we are an ice cream manufacturer. And let’s say we want to run a promotional campaign to increase the sell of our ice cream, so we print our logo on Termika bags. After the end of the campaign, even if the customer decides to buy our competitor’s ice cream and to store it in that bag, they will be in fact promoting our brand. The same applies to distributors of fresh and frozen food. If I go to, let’s call it, “Red” Supermarket, and buy a cooler bag with its “Red” logo, and then after a while I go to “Yellow” Supermarket, and buy their products, but I keep storing them in the bag with the “Red” logo, what I am actually doing is basically promoting the quality and services of the “Red” Supermarket.