We also received a patent for our innovative tracking system which makes it possible to detect what kind of raw materials have been used, what is the production lot, what is the manufacture date, what machine produced a certain bag, who was the operator working at it, and so forth.

The perception of quality of the end product is thus enhanced. Thanks to these bags with up to 8 colors, good quality of printed trademarks and full print pictures, your target market will find new opportunities for their business, both from the marketing and co-marketing perspective, as well as for promotional activities and in-store promotion.

Random and sequential alphanumeric codes make it possible to track the bags and increase food sales, basically turning them into scratch-and-win bags. Cooler bags can promote commercial activities and trademarks, but also be used as lottery tickets to win prizes. It is even possible to use random codes for just a portion of a production lot, to make only some bags eligible for lottery prizes.